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The Amstrad ASCII Exporter is an addon for the Playscii editor. Using the Amstrad ASCII Exporter you can create Amstrad ASCII art for the Amstrad CPC series. Each mode and every character is supported. The tool creates a bin file that can be directly used on an emulator like Caprice Forever. Alternatively, you can put it on a dsk image file or transfer it to a real Amstrad CPC computer.

This tool has already been used by some people. For questions, feel free to contact me. Please consider, that I did not create the tool itself, but "only" the CPC specific parts of it.


Version 1.3 adds the possibility to change the background colour and has more details info messages. 

Version 1.2 includes logging and info messages.

Version 1.1.1 works with both Playscii versions and has minor, invisible improvements.

Version 1.1 works only with the source code version of Playscii. This is because the standard exe-version of Playscii (which is available on itch.io) has no tkinter included.

Version 1.0 was presented at Shadow Party 2021 and is available  also from here: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=89044

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Amstrad ASCII Exporter (V1.3).zip 15 kB
Amstrad ASCII Exporter (V1.2).zip 13 kB
Amstrad ASCII Exporter (V1.0).zip 13 kB

Install instructions

1) Install Playscii (source code version!) by extracting it into a folder.
2) Copy all directories from this package (the directories charsets, formats and palettes) into the same folder as Playscii. (The file cpc.png will be overwritten.)
3) Run Playscii.

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