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The ATASCII Exporter is an addon for the Playscii editor. Using the ATASCII Exporter you can create ASCII art for Atari (XL) homecomputers. Mode 0 is used.

The package consists of a set of files like scripts, machine code, configuration files and similar. It is an addon for the Playscii editor (http://vectorpoem.com/playscii/). The tool creates a xex file that can be directly used on an emulator like Altirra. Of course, you can also export it to a real Atari machine.

Version 1.5 added the possibility to change the border, foreground and background colour.

A tool by Logiker (exporter code) and gorgh (viewer code).

Published 19 days ago
Tagsatari, Retro

Install instructions


1) Install Playscii by extracting it into a folder.
2) Copy all directories (except Screenshots) from this package (the directories charsets and formats) into the same folder as Playscii. 
3) Run Playscii.

In case of an upgrade just overwrite the old files.


ATASCII XEX Exporter (V1.5).zip 222 kB

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